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Has great potential!!!

Although I don’t see it as replacing Facebook, I do feel it provides a look and feel that I think a lot other social media sites failed in the past. Of course, it may have a few bugs when it started out. What app didn’t? Since I’ve been on it, the functionality has been fairly smooth. One of the big aspects about Holonis is that it allows you to sell stuff directly through your profile like products and services. On Facebook, you would most likely use a FB page for that, even though pages are rarely getting visibility in the newsfeeds now. Plus, certain things people would try to sell or pitch in FB groups would be at the rules of the group admin. On Holonis, you can not only sell products and services, but you can also brand yourself. The big highlight that I think is underestimated by users is the page feature. This has SEO functionality so what you post can rank in the search engines. This is what I wanted Facebook notes to be able to do but Holonis provides this within your profile. Overall, I think Holonis is a good app with the potential to be great. It’s up to the current users to grow it and use it responsibly though so newcomers won’t think it’s a waste of time.

crashes every time I open

I can open the app and do everything except use my profile. Every time I select my Avatar on the Nav section of the app it crashes. Been like that for past 2 months and no fixes have been made. I sent messages through social media and haven’t heard a response.

App not working

I can’t login in! It’s popping as “An error occurred”.

The future is here

It’s the best social media unlike Instagram 😂

Confirmation number

Every time I enter a confirmation number to start an account. I get a message saying number is not valid. They send me a new number and get the same message. Did this ten times before deleting.

Amazing and Unique!

What an amazing and unique app. This platform makes me feel wanted and I feel like I have a bigger opportunity to make my Business dreams come true with this app. Thank you.

It’s cool but...

The app is well put together and I love it so far. My only problem with it is that when I write a status, I can’t see the whole thing without clicking on it - which is weird honestly for a two sentence post. Is it like that for everyone?


This is a wonderful app! You can chat and meet with new people. I remain everyone to download this app TODAY!! ❤️💋


Great site,recommend to friend New fresh social site !

Easily the newest social media app on my list!

Get the app! Holonis supplies content creators like myself with features that help keep you organized and GROWING. You can buy/sell/promote products and services within Holonis, which hosts a very positive and interactive community 👍🏾. Enjoy the benefits of common social media interaction, content creation, ecommerce, and lots more all wrapped in a stylish, familiar, and user-friendly UI. Join the Holofam!

Cool app but

Can’t verify email for commerce. Haven’t even received an email to do so. Other then that, it’s a cool app with good features.

Holonis -LIL Oye

Great way to have all my social media links on one site to market and promote my product


Holonis is an amazing app where you can connect with people around the world. It isn’t like Snapchat or Instagram. You can create pages, channels, and shops. I truly ding this app amazing and I hope you do to.

WOW such a great app !

Holonis is my favorite social online community ! Vibes on Holonis are all chill and positive !🦄✨👌🏼

The Truth

Holonis is where you meet the best people who are interested in you. For instance I am a poet and I can put them out into the public easy and stress for for people to like, share, and comment👀💀💯🙏🤪


Awesome love it!

Love it!!!!!!

Holonis is a great app. I love how everyone is so friendly. It’s fun!!! Love it!!!

Amazing 🤩

I love Holonis. This app has helped me build my brand and social media following. I’ve met some great people and everyone is so supportive. This app is original and I love originality. 😝✊🏼❣️🔥

Nice app

I really love this app

Different social media

If you want to build a follower shop easily just by being yourself, Holonis is the way to go. If you want a free e-commerce platform, Holonis is there for you If you want to write pages, blogs, or posts, again, Holonis let you do that. And lots of people have noticed that on Holonis it’s a big family

Love it

Love it better than FACEBOOK. communities and items to do are great

Great app!

In the first 24 hours using Holonis I had over 100 followers. I get more views and more followers per day with holonis than any other platform. You can do so much with holonis, everyone should check it out!!

Love it

Nothing but good vibes on Holonis ❤️ my followers are very driven and inspiring. Very talented people all around the globe. All United💕


Hoonis is a site where you meet very interesting people.


Cool look and feel to the app and easy to use.

Holonis is awesome 👏

I really enjoy this app❤️❤️the best app ever

Great Social Networking app!!

Holonis is a great social networking app, I only wish we had the option to enlarge the font.

Best app

10/10 better then Instagram

Highly recommend

Awesome app!! Best social media by far!! So may positive vibes and supportive people; no negativity.

Great app! Except for...

The only thing I don’t like about this app is you can’t change your username which is also your “@“. I didn’t know if I was going to like this app so I put something random and now that I like it, I want to change it. So it will change to 5 stars once I can!

Looking forward to really explore

I have been using this platform and creating a game plan for how I can integrate my ecommerce and blogging. I love how all of what i want to do is in this one location.

Great place for a new start

If you are tired of the domination happening on other social media apps where you get ghosted for fillers and no replies this is the app for you. Holonis is a community where creators and those alike support each other and build the community together. Looking for likes and follows its there. Looking for real comments and a place where you aren’t judged by how many followers you have this is it.

Great service I love it

Great service I love it

Great app

It’s the future

Kindness Overcomes co

It’s an amazing app where social media and business are combined into one. Absolutely love it!

Love It!!

It’s a whole new wave to social media packed with a variety of other features I love!! Hey but you got to get the app and see for yourself!

Awesome app with a lot of potential

Awesome app with a lot of potential. The idea is great and nothing but good things are coming to this app and the developers.

Awesome innovation!

This app is probably the best thing that’s happened to social media/ecommerce since both words came to existence. Seamless interface, creator centric and no unnecessary algorithms. 5stars all the way!

Next best social media app

Hands down the next big thing




I definitely could see this as the future of social media👍


The app crashes immediately upon opening. 0/5 stars is what it deserves. Even when I select "App Support" from within the Apple App Store - Holomiss crashes.

I wish this came out years ago!

I’ve been getting a bit bored with Instagram with their algorithms and restrictions and stuff. Here I can post photos, write blogs, create my own channels, post videos. It’s a place where I can put ALL of my original content in one place! Oh and did I mention they also allow you an ecommerce store, AND ITS FREE

I just do this for vbucks


Switched with 100k followers. Amazing

I had over 100k on other social media platforms and I’ve completely switched. Holonis is the future, get it before you’re behind the curve!


Holonis has quickly become one of my favorite apps! It has such a great design and is so easy to figure out when you first sign up. One of the best things about it is the posts are in chronological order and have zero algorithm so your followers will be able to see everything you post and you’ll get the engagement you deserve! It’s so easy to grow on here and I think everyone should check it out!😍🖤🖤

FINALLY an app worth having

As a content creator I have been searching and searching for an app that would seamlessly connect all my platforms and I finally found the one. The fact that you are able to sell stuff on your personal profile to your followers, and connect all your others platforms is incredible. I’m so in love and happy with how the app function, and not to mention the dope trending page. One con is the notifications seem to be buggy sometimes, but the app is in its early stages so I’m sure that’s next on their fix list. Good job Holonis! Got me as a user for life

This App is Amazing!!!

Holonis is such a great app to have because it allows you to express yourself in so many different ways! Not only does it allow you to express yourself, but it also allows you to sell your products and services to everyone else on the app! One of the best things that I love about this app is its ability to help you grow and meet people from across the world. There’s endless amount of opportunities offered on this app, and the fact that it’s like multiple apps in one just makes it the best overall!


Money moves 2018, best launched ever this past week at Coachella! Holonis is amazing! Best social media platform to use, you have everything you want on your page, just one click away! Best features are the Page Tab & Shopping Tab! When I was starting to blog my yoga journey I was indecisive to what social to use because I wanted to write about it and record my journey! And once I got introduced to Holonis it was a game changer so convenient to use and very organized! Totally recommend it! You won’t regret it!

Finally an App we’ve all been waiting for

Holonis is the easiest way for people to make money on social media. We’ve all always wanted to make easy from our cell phones and HOLONIS gives us the platform to do just that. Although you can make posts and use it just like twitter and Instagram, you can actually directly sell products on your page. WHATEVER YOU WANT. Holonis gives us the most freedom as a user to do whatever we please. It’s growing rapidly and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for something new.

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